We love to hear from our happy patients! Here are some of the testimonials we have received from Dr. Ablavsky’s patients:

First, I think it’s great that you do not rush or pressure a patient to have any surgery. I was already pretty sure that I wanted to have the surgery done before even coming in for the initial consultation, but I appreciated that you took your time to review different treatment options available to me.

You allayed my fears about having the surgery and gave a no-nonsense medical/pre-surgical assessment. I found your word choice when describing aspects of my body to be diplomatic and entertaining. From initial consultation through post-surgical follow up, your bedside manner has been great. 

The day of surgery could not have been better. The nurse the day of surgery was awesome.  She got me checked in, IV inserted, and ready to enter the OR efficiently. I also appreciated her sense of humor.

I have slightly more scaring than I expected from the canula entrance points, but the lacerations from the scalpel healed perfectly.  

In fact, the cuts were so precise, that I can only see that there was a cut if I shave my chest and look very closely.  Great work! I don’t do google reviews, but I’m happy to speak with any of your patients that want to hear first hand how my surgery experience went.


Dear Dr. Ablavsky.

I’m unable to post online as I do not have an account to write reviews on google.

My experience with you and your office staff was a wonderful. When in your care you monitored my progress and made me feel comfortable to ask any questions about my care.

Thank you and looking forward to seeing you.


Being 4 weeks post-op my experience with Dr. Ablavsky as my surgeon was very positive. I found him to be a consummate doctor in his field, very attentive, patient, and interested in producing an excellent outcome for my procedure. Besides his skill sets, I found him to be very personable which is a plus for me. I highly recommend Dr. Ablavsky for any plastic surgery procedure. He cares about his patient’s concerns and it shows in his work.


I was seen by Dr. Mike Ablavsky and was very satisfied with consultation and care that I got. He is very concerned about my well being and how the procedure is going to affect me and that he made sure I am aware of the consequences whether bad or good which gave me more freedom to choose which procedure I wanted, he was very knowledgeable about it. The procedure performed came out very excellent and it gave me more confidence about myself because of the job well done he did. I would love to recommend him 100% to people I know because I know I won’t be embarrassed.