Facelift/Neck Lift at a Glance

Type of anesthesia:
Recovery time:
1-2 weeks off work (non-strenuous jobs); 6-8 weeks for social events
Time in surgery:
2-4 hours
When you go home:
Day of operation
Often Combined With:

*Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your experience may vary.

Facelift & Neck Lift in San Antonio, TX

Is a Facelift Right for You?

Even though women and men now have a range of options to minimize the signs of aging, nothing can match a facelift in its ability to return the face to its more youthful configuration. Dr. Michael Ablavsky performs facelift and neck lift surgery in San Antonio, Texas, using safe, effective techniques that produce reliable and natural-looking results.

You may be a good candidate for a facelift if you’re concerned about:

  • Loss of skin elasticity and soft tissue ptosis (drooping) in the middle and lower third of the face
  • Deepend creases extending from the bottom of your nose to the corners of your mouth and an overall loss of volume in the face
  • People asking if you’re tired even when you feel refreshed
  • Jowls and loss of jawline definition
  • Vertical bands (line) and increased skin laxity in the neck

What’s the Right Age for Facelift Surgery?

Women and men often consider getting a facelift in their 40s, 50s, or 60s, but age is not really a primary factor when determining if someone is a good candidate for the procedure. The best candidate for a facelift is in good general health, a non-smoker, with overall good quality face and neck skin.

Facelift & Neck Lift
 Before & After Photos

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Case: 1 of 7
Case: 1 of 6


This patient was bothered by the poor definition of her neck. She wanted to discuss a neck lift to correct the signs of aging. Dr. Ablavsky performed a neck lift - removing excess skin and fat around the jaw line, creating a more defined, firmer and overall more youthful appearance to her neck. Read More
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This patient was bothered by the excess skin under his neck. Dr. Ablavsky performed a neck lift to shape a youthful, natural-appearing jawline.
Case: 3 of 6

This woman came to Dr. Ablavsky seeking a facelift and neck lift to improve the signs of aging on her face and neck. To help address the hollowing she had experienced as part of the aging process, Dr. Ablavsky combined facelift, neck lift, and facial fat grafting to give her a more youthful, refreshed appearance.  Read More
Case: 4 of 6

This patient came to Dr. Ablavsky to address the signs of aging on her face and neck. Dr. Ablavsky performed a facelift with neck lift to lift and tighten the skin on her upper face, and on her jawline and neck. Her results are natural looking, giving her a refreshed appearance.  Read More
Case: 5 of 6

This patient had some sagging and loosening of skin on her face and neck, making her look older than her years. Dr. Ablavsky performed a facelift and neck lift to lift and tighten her skin on her face, neck, and jaw to help her look as good as she feels. Read More
Case: 6 of 6

This patient was bothered by the appearance of her neck. Dr. Ablavsky performed a neck lift for a smoother, more youthful appearing neck and jaw line. 

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

How Is a Facelift Performed?

The idea of simply pulling the skin tighter to erase wrinkles is a thing of the past. Modern facelift techniques focus on shifting lower facial fat superiorly, restoring midface volume, while lifting ptotic (or drooping skin). This is done by manipulating the tissue underlying the skin—called the SMAS layer. This leads to longer-lasting results that look natural, not the “windswept” appearance of skin that’s too tight.

Dr. Ablavsky begins facelift surgery by making incisions in the natural creases in front of and behind the ear. These locations help camouflage the small resulting scars. Another incision made beneath the chin provides him with access to the tissues that help create a youthful neck. Dr. Ablavsky elevates the tissue, removes excess skin, and then carefully re-drapes the skin before closing the incisions.

Facelift Techniques

There are several facelift techniques designed to rejuvenate the face, each with its own approach. These methods vary by the extent of the incision, the area of the face that is treated, and the desired outcome.

Mini Facelift

The mini facelift is a less invasive procedure that typically focuses on the lower face, including the jawline. This technique is ideal if you have mild to moderate sagging and are looking for a quicker recovery time.

SMAS Facelift

The SMAS (superficial musculoaponeurotic system) facelift involves repositioning and tightening the SMAS layer. This technique effectively addresses the midface, reduces jowls, and improves the contour of the neck, offering comprehensive rejuvenation.

Deep Plane Facelift

A deep plane facelift lifts the skin and SMAS layer together to address the deeper tissue. This method is beneficial for those with more pronounced facial aging, as it can provide more dramatic and long-lasting results.

Dr. Michael Ablavsky at Aesthetic Enhancement - Cosmetic Surgery Center Dr. Michael Ablavsky at Aesthetic Enhancement - Cosmetic Surgery Center

Dr. Ablavsky

Dr. Ablavsky is a board-certified, fellowship-trained plastic surgeon whose patients trust him for natural-looking results from face, breast, and body procedures. He listens closely to his patients' concerns and takes the time to answer their questions with honesty and compassion.

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Combining a Neck Lift With Your Facelift

Combining a facelift and neck lift—which can each be performed as standalone procedures—enables Dr. Ablavsky to address skin laxity on the lower half of the face and jowls, loose skin, and vertical neck bands. This produces comprehensive facial rejuvenation that isn’t possible with a facelift or neck lift alone.

Combining Other Procedures With Your Facelift

Enhancing your facelift with additional procedures can optimize your results. By addressing various concerns simultaneously, these procedures complement your facelift to achieve a more complete aesthetic transformation.

Surgical Procedures

Nonsurgical Treatments

  • Dermal fillers: Fills in wrinkles and adds volume to cheeks, lips, and other facial areas, providing immediate results.
  • BOTOX® Cosmetic: Temporarily relaxes facial muscles, smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines for a rejuvenated look.

Each of these treatments offers unique benefits that, when combined with a facelift, create a more balanced, refreshed, and youthful facial aesthetic.

How Long Is Recovery After a Facelift?

You should allow plenty of time if you are planning to attend a significant social event, such as a wedding or class reunion. Healing after a facelift—meaning the majority of swelling or bruising is gone—can take 6 to 8 weeks.

During the initial few days after the procedure, it’s important to move around and take short walks to keep your blood circulating. Keeping your head elevated will help improve swelling.

How Much Does a Facelift Cost?

The cost of a facelift at our San Antonio practice depends on your aesthetic goals and the extent of the procedure. To enhance the results, some patients combine a facelift with other procedures, such as injections of dermal fillers, facial fat grafting or eyelid surgery.

Facelift FAQ

Does facelift surgery address any sagging in the brow area?

A facelift typically targets the mid to lower face and neck. Sagging in the brow area is usually addressed with a brow lift, which can be performed in conjunction with a facelift for more extensive rejuvenation.

Is the procedure safe?

Facelift surgery, when performed by a qualified and experienced surgeon, is generally safe. However, as with any surgery, some risks are involved. Dr. Ablavsky will discuss these with you during your consultation.

How painful is facelift surgery?

Patients are under anesthesia during facelift surgery, so no pain is experienced during the procedure. Postoperative pain is typically mild to moderate and can be managed with pain medication prescribed by your surgeon.

Will my results look natural?

A well-performed facelift by an experienced surgeon can achieve natural-looking results. Dr. Ablavsky’s goal is to refresh your appearance without over-tightening the skin or altering your fundamental facial structure.

What age is too late for a facelift?

Suitability for surgery depends more on your health, skin condition, and personal goals—not on age alone. Many patients in their 70s and 80s have successfully undergone facelift surgery.

How much younger will I look?

Results vary, but you can generally expect to look about 5 to 10 years younger after facelift surgery. It’s important to have realistic expectations and understand that the goal is to rejuvenate your appearance in a way that’s harmonious with your overall look.

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