COVID-19 Patient Safety Measures

Dr. Michael Ablavsky

We continue to closely monitor the spread of COVID-19 in our community and want to reiterate that the safety of our patients, residents, their families and our caregivers remains our top priority. Under CDC recommendation, we have instituted a Visitor Management Program for all patients and/or adults who have accompanied a patient to our facility. 

Patients who have been diagnosed with COVID-19, or have come into close contact with anyone who has, should notify Aesthetic Enhancement, by telephone, prior to any scheduled appointments. 

Patients must report, to Aesthetic Enhancement, any travel (foreign or domestic in the previous 14 days) prior to any scheduled appointments or procedures.

Patients must notify Aesthetic Enhancement personnel, by telephone, if they are experiencing any cold/flu/coronavirus-like symptoms (cough, fever, runny nose, sore throat, sneezing, congestion, fatigue, altered taste/smell sensations etc.) as soon as possible and prior to any scheduled appointment. 

Patients must notify Aesthetic Enhancement personnel, by telephone, if they are caring for or have been caring for someone who is ill with any of the symptoms mentioned above.

Patients will be allowed to be accompanied by no more than one adult at his or her consultation and/or pre-operative appointments, and one day post-operative exam ONLY. Capacity regulations must be followed in order to maintain compliance and CDC recommendations. Per recommended guidelines, it is mandatory that both patient and guest wear a face covering that covers both the mouth and nose while in the facility. Please practice good hygiene and social distancing while visiting the facility. Please ensure that your accompanied guest is free of any illness or any of the symptoms mentioned above. Patients should plan accordingly for child care, if applicable, as children/minors will not be permitted in the facility at this time. 

Upon arrival, both patient and guest will have their temperature measured and be asked to complete a brief questionnaire for screening purposes. 

In order to maintain compliance, patients with post-operative appointments and/or exams are not allowed to bring any guest into the facility. This includes all follow up (with the exception of above listed) appointments/exams.  Spouses, significant others, partners, family members, or friends, for example, may assist the patient to the facility, but are not permitted to enter. Rest assured that the staff at Aesthetic Enhancement is well equipped to assist the patient in any manner necessary. Please notify you transport of the above guidelines and rules to avoid any confusion or disagreements.

While surgery patients are required to have a responsible adult available for transportation home after their procedure, the transport is not allowed in the waiting room, clinic, or surgical suite. The transport will be asked for a cell/mobile contact number, notified promptly after surgery is completed, and instructed to return to the facility to receive the patient and discharge instructions. Only the transport will be allowed to enter the designated discharge area to receive instructions from the nurse. As a reminder, children/minors will not be permitted in the facility at this time. 

In addition to following our routine stringent infection control protocols and procedures, we are in a heightened state of vigilance about disinfecting our facility. Special emphasis is placed on sanitizing high touch areas in common areas and restrooms.

Your cooperation in this matter is appreciated as we continue to serve our patients and community by providing the highest quality health care in a safe responsible manner. We recognize this is an evolving situation and specifics are likely to change.

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