Your Breast Lift Questions Answered

Breast Lift Questions Answered

During your lifetime, your breasts will undergo changes. Your breasts can change size and shape due to pregnancy, breast feeding, fluctuations in weight, from breast augmentation and after implant removal, or as you age. These changes can lead to deflated, droopy breasts which patients often find frustrating – your breasts may no longer fit into your bra, or your breasts may lay on the abdomen, causing moisture to develop, which can lead to rashes and discomfort.  At my San Antonio plastic surgery practice, I offer breast lift surgery to address these issues and restore your breasts to give them a lifted, perky shape.

Read on for answers to the most common questions I receive about breast lift surgery. To schedule a breast lift consultation and to discuss the specific timing of the surgery, please request a consultation online or call (210) 942-6672 to make an appointment today.

What Is a Breast Lift (Mastopexy)?

An aesthetically pleasing breast is often described as “high and tight,” not “falling” or “sagging” (ptotic). When I perform breast lift and breast reduction procedures, I use similar techniques and incision patterns to achieve different goals. The goal of a breast lift is to shape the breast skin envelope, lifting and restoring the previous shape to how it once appeared. Returning your breasts to a youthful shape and appearance can be empowering and is the ultimate goal of a breast lift. 

Breast reductions aim to reduce the overall size and weight of the breasts while maintaining an aesthetic breast shape.

Who Is a Good Candidate for a Mastopexy (Breast Lift)?

I tell my patients that good candidates for mastopexy are women who are no longer planning to get pregnant or breastfeed, are not expecting any significant weight changes, do not smoke, and are in overall good health.

Healthy, thick skin is also an important factor when considering a breast lift. During your consultation, I will perform a thorough assessment of your breasts and skin texture to determine whether or not a breast lift is the right procedure for you.

Will My Nipples Lose Sensitivity After a Breast Lift?

My patients are often curious whether they will have nipple sensation after their breast lift procedure. During a breast lift procedure, it is my intention to reposition the nipple to a higher while keeping it attached to the breast in order to preserve the nerves supplying sensation to the nipple.

I position the nipple at or just above the level of the inframammary fold along the meridian or midway point along the breast width.  

Can I Still Breastfeed After a Breast Lift?

A number of factors influence breastfeeding rates. Nipple sensation is one of the elements required for successful breastfeeding, and I strive to ensure that you maintain sensitivity in your nipples after breast lift surgery.

Breastfeeding also requires a mechanism for milk production, storage, and expression – this means preserving as much breast tissue (lobules and lactiferous ducts) as possible during a breast lift procedure.

Ultimately, the ability to breastfeed is determined by the surgical technique used and your goals for a breast lift, but in some cases it is possible to breastfeed after a breast lift procedure. If you wish to breastfeed after your breast lift procedure, I encourage you to do so.  

How Soon Do You See Breast Lift Results?

Breast lift procedures can be instantaneously gratifying. You will see the higher, tighter-shaped breast the very next day after surgery. Although swelling can last up to a few months, you will see changes immediately.

How Long Do Results of a Breast Lift Last?

Although a breast lift may reverse the effects of aging, pregnancy, and weight changes on your breasts, these forces persist after the procedure. I tell my patients that results of a breast lift last longer for patients who maintain their weight, have healthy thick skin, and maintain an overall healthy lifestyle. 

Do I Need a Breast Lift or Breast Augmentation?

When patients come to my San Antonio plastic surgery practice for a breast lift consultation, they often ask if they need a breast lift with implants to restore youthful-appearing breasts.

A breast lift procedure reshapes your breast and raises the position of the nipple. Adding breast implants can add volume to your breasts and provide more cleavage (upper pole fullness).

Electing to have breast augmentation with your breast lift (these procedures can either be staged, or performed in combination during 1 surgery) is a personal decision that depends on certain characteristics of your breast as well as your expectations. During your breast lift or breast augmentation consultation we will have an in-depth discussion about each procedure and determine the best procedure or combination of procedures to meet your goals.

To schedule your breast lift consultation, please contact my San Antonio plastic surgery practice at (210) 942-6672 or request a consultation online.

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